I’m feeling homesick, even though I’m in my home. Well, it’s not mine actually, but my point is that I miss something. This is not only about a place I’m longing for, but also about time, feeling, and hope. I miss my childhood, my old friends, my memories, and even my dreams.

What is home, then? Honestly, for me, home is all that makes me feel convenient. Home is my room if I can sleep comfy there. Home is my class if I enjoy the lectures. Home is my friends whenever they make me happy. Home is the rain, and the flavor it produce from hitting the soil. Home is the clear night sky, and the scenery of thousands of stars and the beauty of the milky way.

I totally understand, that I’ve messed up these definition of home into such an abstract concept. But, let me hold it for myself.

By this definition,  I am continuously leaving my home, because the past and its sweet memories are getting far away. At the same time, I am going home, because (hopefully) I am getting closer to my dreams. I miss the past, and that makes me homesick. Now I have two things to do : making the present feels convenient so that I can call it home, and fixing my plan so that my future home will be much more better.

A home will be more useful if it’s occupant is not only a single person, right? Therefore, I think I need someone to share with.

Then, my question is…would someone like to accompany me to build a home together?



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